1. To use the Map Viewer you must REGISTER, if you are already registered just SIGN IN

2 Click the MAP VIEWER tab on the main menu and select the state you wish to research


3. From the MAP VIEWER turn on layers from the CATALOG


3. Use the ZOOM tool to zoom to desired scale

    Activate additional layers

    When ready click the PRINT tool


4. From the PRINT tool you can:

    Name your map, select a size/layout, select print quality, and select scale

    Click GO to generate your map


5. I may take a few moments for your map to generate.  When available click DOWNLOAD PDF


6. Your map will open in a browser window where you can Print or Save to your computer



Higher Map Quality Settings take longer to generate

The more layers you activate the longer it takes to generate a map

For best detail, Zoom in so the scale in the lower left reads 1:27084

For best detail and broad coverage zoom in to the scale above and set the print scale to 1:42000 as shown in step 4.