1. From your PC or Laptop go to www.dropbox.com to open your free account.  Be sure to make note of your password.

2. Make your Digital Map purchase from Game Planner Maps.

3. Download the .zip files of your Digital Maps and save them to your computer.  (full instructions HERE)

4. Navigate to the folder where you saved your maps.  Right click the .zip file and select "Extract All..."

    Your maps will be extracted to a new folder.

5. Open your Dropbox account and upload your maps


6. Open the PDF-Maps app on your mobile device.  Make sure you are connected to wifi or have

    a generous data allowance.

7. Tap the "+" icon to import maps.

8. Select "From Dropbox".  If this is your first import you will have to login to Dropbox


9. Select the map or maps that you wish to import to your device. 

  Each map only has to be imported once unless you remove them from the app.


10.  Each map will take some time to import to your device.  When the map has successfully uploaded a small thunbnail

     of the map will appear on the interface and the distance and direction to the map will appear.  If you're on the

     map it will just say "On Map"

11. Tap the map thumbnail to interact with the map