Disclaimer!!! We recommend you download, save, and unzip your Digital Maps to your PC and use the process outlined here.  Its about as fool proof as it gets and the way Game Planner staff handles Digital Maps.



1. Digital maps are packaged in a .zip file. Install a file manager from your app store to unzip the download.  Game Planner Maps recommends AndroZip.


2. Make your Digital Map purchase on your Mobile device and download the .zip to your phone.

Use the same process you would if you were using a PC.

After checkout view your order history to make your download.


3. Find your Download and tap the link.  The download can take a few minutes, it's best to be connected to WIFI.


4. Open the AndroZip app. Find and open your Download folder.


5. Tap the .zip file you just downloaded and select "Extract to..."


6. Navigate back to the parent folder and select the "PDFMaps" folder


7. Tap the "Extract Here" button.  Your map is now unzipped and stored on your phone.


After extraction you will see the PDF's of your Digital Maps


8. Open PDFMaps app and tap the "+" symbol to Import your map.


9. Select "From Device Storage"


10. Open the Internal Storage Folder


11. Find and open the PDFMaps Folder


 12. Select the map tile you wish to import.  Repeat steps 8-12 to import additional tiles from your phone.