Disclaimer!!! We recommend you download, save, and unzip your Digital Maps to your PC and use the process outlined here.  Its about as fool proof as it gets and the way Game Planner staff handles Digital Maps.


To download Game Planner Digital Maps to your iPad or iPhone you must first install the iZip app and Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader application. 

Apple/Macintosh devices do not have a central file system and do not know how to handle a .zip file without a file compression app. 

Make sure you have the iZip app, a PDF reader, and the Avenza PDFMaps app installed before you attempt to upload your Digital Map.  All apps can be had free from iTunes.


1. After checkout go to your Profile to view your order history.


2. Tap the Download link to download the map you just purchased. 

    TIP: Do not try to download more than one map at a time. Do not double tap the Download link or you will use both your available downloads

    Be patient, it will take a few moments to download your map.  The IOS does not provide a status indicator. 


3. When your download is complete tap Open in iZip


4.   On the next screen select one of the Digital Map pdf tiles and tap the Open In option at the bottom of the screen.


5. Now swipe left until you find the Avenza PDF Maps app and tap the app thumbnail.


6.  Your Digital Map will Import to the PDF Maps app.  To Import the Remaining tiles tap Back to iZip in the top left corner

of the screen and repeat steps 4-6. 


7. Once all your maps have imported tap the map thumbnail to open the map.